Saturday, 12 August 2017


Hey all so i recently saw everywhere about people sharing things they have learnt at the age of .... and i thought about making one of these but it just didn't match me as a person as i feel i am learning this daily and thought i am going to change it up and share with you guys things i have learn this month i just feel is much more meaningful and i can share as i learn new things.

1. I have learnt the importance of self care. After just letting my self go and not giving myself any time to just reflect and sit down i finally thought to myself what am i doing and stopped everything. I think everyone should have a set time in the day where they are just able to wind down for 5 minutes and just do nothing. No tv, no phone, no job just sit and do NOTHING. Have you ever done that before or when was the last time you did?

2. Another thing that for me has really stood out this month id that i have learnt it is Ok to be OK!!
Make sense ? No ? Well me being the people pleaser i am i always find myself let down for not doing the slightest thing right but i am trying to teach myself IT IS OKAY :)

3. Keep them close !!! Reading that line who was the first person who came to you head for me it was family and sometimes in our busy lives we push the most closest people to us away but sometimes we need to understand that they are there for us!

4. And another thing that i have learnt this month from experiences is that its the little things that count. Sometimes we think what can we do to please someone make ourselves feel better but when really getting into deep thoughts about such things its the little things.
Things as little as a Smile - at anyone trust me it will make their day.

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