Sunday, 15 November 2015


Whenever it comes to Nivea I always just think my life! They are product that I have always used well to be fair I have just used their crème my whole life and never really looked into trying their other products now I have there's no going back !
I have received three of their products.
I know that they are always improving their ranges but just wasn't aware of their cleansing wipes. With  me I am just purely lazy I just need any excuse to just get into bed without the effort of removing my make up . After one use of a wipe I was addicted they are so quick and effective when removing make up. The wipes are suitable for all skin types and as said by Nivea it cleanses, tones and hydrates, removes make up and mascara and is suitable for all skin types .This was essential for me as I have quite sensitive eyes .I usually tend to just use home branded wipes or anything cheap that I can get my hands on that isn't pricey and niveas wipes have totally satisfied me
what I like about the wipes?
  • Easy and quick to remove make up
  • They only cost around £3 for 25 wipes (totally worth the price)
  • They cleanse and refresh your skin ( great for an early start in the morning)
At the end of a long day they give you no hassle and no problems .If your like me trying to find a quick way to remove make up and very lazy try them out for yourself. You can find out more information on Nivea's website

Nivea Sensitive Cleansing milk

I am totally loving the Nivea sensitive cleansing milk. It does an amazing job at removing all my non waterproof make up .As I have sensitive eyes I feel like it has a gentle approach and is kindly satisfying. Just like the wipes I wasn't really aware of the cleansing milk. It has a normal Nivea product smell which is ok as sometimes the smell of a product can change the way you feel about it. Most cleansing milks can cause stinginess around the eyes which can be quite annoying when you are after a fast way of removing make up but I felt no stinginess around the eyes. Despite removing my make up it gave made my skin soft and kept it quite hydrated.
What I like about the cleansing milk ?
  • Subtle Nivea smell
  • Cleanses easily
  • Quickly effective
  • Hydrates and smoothens skin
  • Its affordable !
Nivea Soft Rose Lip Balm

The last product I will be reviewing is the Nivea soft rose lip balm. Firstly I quite like the packaging of the lip balm it is small cute and can easily fit in a pocket in my bag. The smell is quite subtle and sweet and is ideal for anyone I would say even those with a sensitive nose. It is quite smooth and flawy to apply to your lips and gives a light pink sheen .If you are someone like me who doesn't really suit a dark lip or it just going for a neutral lip look I would totally recommend it

What I like about the lip balm ?
  • Effective for chapped lips
  • Small cute packaging
  • Neutral smell
  • Subtle sheen
  • Amazing for lip balm lovers

Overall I was happy with all the Nivea products they are easily available suitable for all skin types from my point of view I think everyone should use them and they are totally worth the price however everyone is entitled to their own opinion . Try the products for yourself !


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