Sunday, 29 May 2016


Product of the week !!

After my pamper session I love to have a long bath soak and this Radox sleep easy bath product is something that is a win win situation for me - it has a gorgeous smell and is ever so relaxing so if you would like to end your pamper session relaxed and calmly give it a go . This has to be my product of the week as I am in love !!!!

You can buy it here on amazon if you would like to give it a go -

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*Disclaimer - This is not sponsored or influenced by Radox this is just my opinion and as said fav product of the week that I just wanted to give some recognition to as it is what  have been enjoying ! :)


Here are 10 quick, helpful uses of coconut oil. As you may or may not be aware I have a thing for oils and every oil that I can see a benefit out of I love to use coconut oil is also one of my faves alongside bio oil however coconut oil has a lot more uses here are just 10 that I use but there are many more !!!!!
1.  In your cooking, it can be used as a great oil and brilliant for energy.
2. As a moisturiser before bed/stress-free makeup remover.
3. To lighten or prevent stretch marks.
4. To prevent chapped lips or just to soften them in the early morning cold if you like to walk around that time or just seem to have chapped lips often.
5. To help sooth irritating spots or chicken pox.
6. A natural deodorant leaving you smelling great all day in the summer.
7. Reduces and settles acne if used regularly or often.
8. Great for speeding up weight loss.
9. It is a great sweetener - alternative to sugar!!
10. And awesome for nail and cuticle care .


So its that time of year again! You know it - managing money can be tough. Your out and about and everything is Christmas themed, really cut...

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