Tuesday, 27 June 2017


I would like to begin by explaining that for the last couple of months I have been experimenting with a range of foundations. Going from trying one brand to the next and from high end to low end. Despite having many that were unsuccessful for me I decided I will try to review every single one with my opinions. Today's foundation review is on the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation the shade I bought was no53.

The foundation is in a neat and slender tube and is very lightweight which is beneficial when you’re on the move and have to put everything into a small makeup bag therefore with this in consideration the packaging was ideal for a busy body like myself. Also, the clear difference between the foundation and the foundation serum is that the foundation serum is thinner in consistency and can be built up easily. This was an important factor as it means I can bring focus onto areas such as under my eyes and my checks through building up the consistency and finding that I had more coverage, however, was using more of the foundation. At the time I couldn’t figure our whether this was a good thing or a bad.

Once the foundation was applied it dried and left a glow and my skin did not appear to be greasy. The foundation itself was ideal for work days and days where I was going for a minimal or simple makeup look.

The downfall for me on repurchasing the foundation was the fact that it was thin because I felt it did not cover blemishes, redness or spots very well so I found myself applying more and more just to cover simple areas of my skin. It also lead me to buy the bottles more frequently as I was using up more of the foundation.

Another thing I noticed with the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation was that it did not remain applied to my skin by the end of the day. On the foundation itself, it claims a 16 hours radiance boosting, revived completion. The longest I felt the foundation would be visible on my skin was for around 6 to 7 hours before my skin appearing to have little to no foundation.

What do I like about the foundation?

·         Lightweight packaging and slim packaging which meant it was easy to take around.

·         Lightweight consistency upon application but this was also a negative aspect of it.

·         Easy to apply.

·         It was not greasy and left a natural and simple application look.

What did I not like about the foundation?

·         Poor coverage of foundation on skin.

·         Thinner consistency which meant I was using more of the foundation.

·         Only lasted a few hours and left me looking quite unprofessional on some workdays due to the unevenness of the foundation on my skin after a couple of hours.

The cost of the foundation?

The foundation can be bought from many drugstores and costs between £8 and £11 pound depending on the store of purchase. The pricing was one thing that initially brought me to the interest of the foundation as it is cheap.

Where to buy?

Here are some links to stores that you can buy the foundation and read a little about them:

For me, the foundation was okay however not what I was looking for entirely which meant that my journey continued to find the right foundation and further reviews on those will also be on my blog soon.

*Disclaimer - This is not sponsored, influenced or sent to me, this is just my opinion on the foundation as I have been testing many over the last couple of months.

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Sunday, 25 June 2017


Being busy and having minimum time to spend on pampering myself and I often give little notice into trying to find the best brands. But on the search for quality reviews here is where our journey begins.

Today I will be reviewing the BOTANY hand treatment lotion orange blossom. I initially received this hand lotion in a gift set. However have to say it is one of a kind.

Now about the product itself it is quite a light lotion and was easily spread around the palm of my hand, however I did find that it was greasy upon application for a little while.
I used the product itself for around 2 weeks to judge its effectiveness and found that areas of my skin had become more moist and less crackled. There was not a dramatic change of how I would have wished to use as that is what I am on the search for however it was worthwhile and did the job.

What I liked about the hand lotion ?
  • The biggest factor was the scent as I feel that scent is a big thing that  value, and I did find that this lotion was one where you didn't really have to wear a perfume as the scent is the lotion is powerful.
  • It had a soft feather like texture upon applying.
  • It spread quickly upon both palms.
  • The packaging was great (very cute) I feel it was more suitable than a bottle and very easy to apply.

The downsides of the product ?
  • When applying the lotion it remained on my hand and left them quite greasy.

Therefore overall it was an effective lotion and kept my skin hydrated over the two weeks however I found myself hesitating to put it on during the day where I needed it due to how greasy it was and more often applying it just once in the morning and evening. So I find myself still on the search for a good lotion.

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Friday, 23 June 2017


Hey all welcome to Naf reviews !
Its great to see you here. As you may have noticed I have deleted my previous blog posts since 2015 as I just want to start again. I know some bloggers would be like no way!!
All that time but I wanted a fresh start and I am starting by explaining the purpose of this blog:
On an urge to find good quality family reviews we decided to make our own blog giving quality reviews on products we love as well as new products we are willing to try.
We will also share ourselves in this journey being a family of seven ranging from adults to a 1 year old. A great variety we are and packed full of madness. Join US on our journey and our adventure TODAY :)

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