Thursday, 27 July 2017


W often find ourselves searching for products and fashion accessories and items that we feel would make us feel and look much better and neglect our beauty and thinking about how we already are attractive. Make up can begin as a hobby and end up as a chore or a necessity to cover ourselves up even for the littlest of reasons due to becoming so dependent on it.

Now i thought I would write a blog post without thinking about a make up product or a brand and give tips instead on how to feel attractive without makeup.

1.                                                    Taking care of your face
To begin with this was a little challenging for me but it is important to start washing your face at  the end of a make up wearing day, moisturising your skin and exfoliating.

2.                                                                  Sleep
Sleep was another thing that i really had to get adjusted to. I had a really funny sleep schedule having late nights and long lie ins. I now have a more consistent time to sleep between 9.30 and 10.30pm and i try to be up for around 7.30am. The reason why sleep can help you feel and look much more attractive without make up is it can significantly reduce the darkness under your eyes as well as make you feel much more energised and happier which can similarly make you feel more confident and attractive.

3.                                                      Look after your hair
Besides your face another big area for us looking more presentable and fresh is defined through our hair. Regularly having a trim, avoiding excess heat such as daily hair drying etc.
I ended up throwing away all my hair dryers and straighteners and leave my hair natural experimenting with new styles and i have seen my hair improve massively. My hair has grown in length a dramatic amount and the texture is lovely.

4.                                                     Look after your Nails
Yes this is not applying beautiful nail polishes. Just keeping your nails tripped, clean, neat and maybe even getting a manicure can make a lovely difference.

5.                                                  Stay healthy and exercise
Exercise for me was a lovely confidence booster and getting the body shape i want is an ultimate goal this therefore for me instantly made me feel as if i had accomplished something and shows my determination. As well as eating healthily and hydrated.

These were a few things i found helped me feel more confident without making. I am not saying these are the only ways or that a specific one is guaranteed to work. It is just some ideas that you could give a go and hopefully feel great without make up.



Eating healthier can sometimes seem like such a mission when you have a busy schedule including work, having the kids and day to day life. I always find myself sitting down reflecting on my hideous and crazy diet and thinking of ways to eat healthier. Finding the right balance is always hard and failure is so high considering the amounts of time i have said to myself in the past i am going to eat healthier.

Okay less about me and more about eating healthier here are five ways i have found have worked and easy to keep up with.

1.                                                                  Breakfast
Breakfast has always been a meal that i give the least attention to and either end up skipping it completely or having a totally unplanned and unhealthy meal. My tip for this is to take out sometime in the morning to think about what you are going to eat and plan WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO EAT. Why not look online for inspiration i always find pintrest and Instagram is great for some breakfast ideas.

2.                                                                  Drinks
I feel drinks are the next big thing. For me especially at work i found myself drinking numerous cans as well as when i was on the go and besides a meal. Juices, fizzy drinks and the lot of them contain high amounts of sugar and calories and little do we take notice of these numbers. Recently i have began making my own flavoured drinks using water and fruits. Give it ago or you could try flavoured water to begin with and then just plain water!

3.                                                                 Choices
If you really are committed to eating healthier think about what you just ant to eat and what you really should be eating!!!
Do you really need that chocolate bar for lunch ?
or a midnight snack?

4.                                                           Focus on the labels
Do some research on labels and find what is suitable for you diet if its foods lower in fat, salt or sugar. These small adjustments in your diet will gradually increase in the effect they have on you healthily eating.

5.                                          Of course the 5th tip is your 5 a day
Get your 5 a day in as an alternative option of a unhealthy snack, if your peckish or just beside a meal reducing the portion size.

These options all helped me change my diet and eat more healthier taking time out and focusing on what i was doing to my own body. Give them a go and don't forget to let us know on instagram by tagging us in an image or leaving a comment below.


Monday, 3 July 2017


I often find myself returning to simple products after a breakout and they literally are simple for my skin. My skin type is dry/sensitive. Both the lotion and toner go together however on this occasion I will be solely reviewing the lotion on its own as a product and not both of them jointly, however, I do when using the lotion follow it by using the toner. 

I found that when removing makeup it did the job for me. I lightly apply some on a cotton bud and gently remove the makeup from my face including my eye area in a circular motion. The lotion itself is as expected blotchy upon squirting out of the bottle however very smooth upon applying. Once on my skin, I felt it left an oily texture and took a while to dry after I had removed the makeup. 

The packaging of the product is quite sturdy and the sizing is great for when I am travelling and when I am at home to just leave on the bedside table. 

It also has a very light scent which is a very win-win situation for a product for me as I do like scents however with a makeup remover the least amount of scent is what I prefer. 

What do I like about the lotion?

  • After a week of using the lotion, i noticed a difference in the way my skin looks and feels 
  • It worked well on my blemishes
  • It removed makeup upon gentle movements with a cotton bud 
  • Light or little to no scent in the lotion 
  • Skin felt hydrated for longer
  • Great to remove makeup on sensitive areas such as the eye area
  • Cheap and very easily available 
  • Long lasting as I only used a grape size amount and after a week still, have over half a bottle remaining of the lotion 
What did I not like about the lotion?

  • Sometimes I felt it was left on my skin for too long making it feel oily and also making my skin look oily or wet due to the consistency
  • When applying it in the morning I had to wait around 5 or 10 minutes before applying my makeup again for the day as otherwise, it would just come off from my skin 
The cost of the lotion?

The cost of the lotions is between £1.50 and £3.00 depending on where you purchase it. This for me was GREAT!!! 
I love finding products that work for my skin and are cheap. 

Where to buy?     

Here are some links to stores that you can buy the lotion and read a little about them:




For me, I loved the simple lotion and toner and it is great for my home days however due to it taking some time to dry on my skin it is not too good on those workdays where I need to be super fast in moisturising my face and putting make up on therefore I find myself mostly using both the lotion and the toner on weekends. 

*Disclaimer - This is not sponsored, influenced nor has anything been sent to me, this is just my opinion on the lotion as I have been testing it over the last week. 



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