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Kid Normal
Hi everyone, I know this is something a little different but the little ones in our house take after me and we are all little book worms or nerds or whatever the phrase is these days for kids enjoying books. Personally, I just say BOOK READER 😊

The kids had a read of kid normal this week and I have to say they loved it! It was one of those books where we would put it down to eat dinner and the kids wanted me to read more to them. It even got them off their IPADS. I say that’s an accomplishment. We managed to read the book in a total of 4 days and it is quite a big book for the little ones I have to say.

A big about the book:
It is a paperback book and has 400 whopping pages wow! When we dived into the read the number of pages we didn’t even see as we wanted to keep going and going. It was published on the 13th of July and now for some information on the story here goes:

The main character is Murph Cooper a young boy who is repeatedly moving to a new house finding it hard to fit in and has no school that has a place for him. But……. When Murph’s mum gets him to a school, things take a turn as Murph is KID NORMAL! just like the book and everyone has some kind of power. It was a school for SUPERHEROS! Yes, that’s right. Soon Murph begins to realise that just because he doesn’t have a superpower just like everyone else he can still save the day!

But beware there is a bad guy!!!

For the kids, this is what got them drawn into it with the suspense building and an urge to find what goes on next. Give it a read with the little ones for yourself if you like the sounds of it 😊

The rating the kids jointly give the book was 5/5.

Do you have any book recommendations don’t forget to let us know in the comments?

We have more book reviews coming your way!


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