Thursday, 27 July 2017


Eating healthier can sometimes seem like such a mission when you have a busy schedule including work, having the kids and day to day life. I always find myself sitting down reflecting on my hideous and crazy diet and thinking of ways to eat healthier. Finding the right balance is always hard and failure is so high considering the amounts of time i have said to myself in the past i am going to eat healthier.

Okay less about me and more about eating healthier here are five ways i have found have worked and easy to keep up with.

1.                                                                  Breakfast
Breakfast has always been a meal that i give the least attention to and either end up skipping it completely or having a totally unplanned and unhealthy meal. My tip for this is to take out sometime in the morning to think about what you are going to eat and plan WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO EAT. Why not look online for inspiration i always find pintrest and Instagram is great for some breakfast ideas.

2.                                                                  Drinks
I feel drinks are the next big thing. For me especially at work i found myself drinking numerous cans as well as when i was on the go and besides a meal. Juices, fizzy drinks and the lot of them contain high amounts of sugar and calories and little do we take notice of these numbers. Recently i have began making my own flavoured drinks using water and fruits. Give it ago or you could try flavoured water to begin with and then just plain water!

3.                                                                 Choices
If you really are committed to eating healthier think about what you just ant to eat and what you really should be eating!!!
Do you really need that chocolate bar for lunch ?
or a midnight snack?

4.                                                           Focus on the labels
Do some research on labels and find what is suitable for you diet if its foods lower in fat, salt or sugar. These small adjustments in your diet will gradually increase in the effect they have on you healthily eating.

5.                                          Of course the 5th tip is your 5 a day
Get your 5 a day in as an alternative option of a unhealthy snack, if your peckish or just beside a meal reducing the portion size.

These options all helped me change my diet and eat more healthier taking time out and focusing on what i was doing to my own body. Give them a go and don't forget to let us know on instagram by tagging us in an image or leaving a comment below.


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