Friday, 23 June 2017


Hey all welcome to Naf reviews !
Its great to see you here. As you may have noticed I have deleted my previous blog posts since 2015 as I just want to start again. I know some bloggers would be like no way!!
All that time but I wanted a fresh start and I am starting by explaining the purpose of this blog:
On an urge to find good quality family reviews we decided to make our own blog giving quality reviews on products we love as well as new products we are willing to try.
We will also share ourselves in this journey being a family of seven ranging from adults to a 1 year old. A great variety we are and packed full of madness. Join US on our journey and our adventure TODAY :)

Want to stalk us ?
We have now set up an Instagram account head over and check it out

What can you expect?
Regular reviews
Topics we wish to write about
And a bit of everything


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