Saturday, 13 February 2016


Today my review will be a family review!!!
I've been waiting ages for this - as I have not been able to review anything that is something for the whole family. Christmas time is family time in our household and what can be any more better than a nice hot chocolate and some crafts to make with the kids. With older and younger kids I noticed that this was a great activity for kids of all ages . Teenager to toddler worked for all the kids !
The crafts we made included -
  • A snowman mosaic coaster kit (pack of 6)
  • Snowflake glitter wands kit (pack of 4)
  • Christmas stocking sewing kits (pack of 3)
  • penguin gift bag kits (pack of 4 )
  • Christmas pom pom decoration kits (pack of 3 )
  • Christmas owl sequin decoration kits (pack of 3 )
  • Reindeer handprint crown kits (pack of 4 )
All these products can be bought on the Baker ross website -
You can but their Christmas craft kits and also check out their others they have a sale on right now !!

The first Craft the little ones were excited in making were the wands . They took around 10 to 15 minutes to make and were really fun !!!

We then went on to make the reindeer handprint crown kits. This is where my toddler became very engaged with what we were doing . He still wont put down his crown , at least he's kept busy :) .

These are the crafts we have made up to Christmas and are keeping to make the other crafts with our little ones friends on their Christmas party. To keep all the party guests happy and to give them a little something to take back .

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